Still more campaign music

Phil Ford

There's been so much Youtubery in the whole race-for-the-White-House thing that I've lost track. But a couple of readers have drawn my attention to a couple of new things, both of them contrafacts (i.e., new words for old songs). First, a new Obama plugger, set to Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere." I have to say, I like this song, mostly because of the way it harnesses the awesome power of Pennsylvania's funny place names.

And for the McCain campaign (though I assume not from the McCain campaign — at least I hope not, for their sake), a version of "It's Raining Men."


Anyway, I'm off to Seattle. See you next week.

***UPDATE*** Galen Brown points out Mike Gravel's spoken-word version of "Helter Skelter," which is the strangest political spot I've ever seen for a major* political candidate. But I agree with Brown — it's actually kind of great.


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4 Responses to Still more campaign music

  1. The recent Mike Gravel ad, which is basically an industrial cover of Helter Skelter with Gravel speaking the words is not to be missed. It’s amazing, and in the actually-good-art way rather than the astonishingly bad way.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I am told there is a new McCain girls spot. I won’t look for it. I lasted about 45 seconds. Son Benjamin lasted no more than 30. It reminds me very strongly of the Hillary-supporting amateurs who did “She’s Gonna Be The President.” This, too, is obviously more about the singers living their–uh–rock’n’roll dreams than about the candidate, who would be embarrassed, were he awake.

  3. eba says:

    You know, that Rainin’ McCain spot is so frighteningly bad you almost can’t help thinking it was done by one of his remaining opponents because it screens like an (amateurish) attack. And I didn’t get to the end either… couldn’t… take… it.

  4. Jonathan says:

    NO WONDER, as Eric points out, it IS a goof of sorts:

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