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Phil Ford

It’s the first day back after spring break, so I’m too busy to write a real post, and you’re too busy to read one. But are you too busy to watch the MC5? I didn’t think so. MC5 and Anne Murray? Now you’re talking.

Also by way of McLemee, a meme worth propagating: the random indie rock album cover generator. Behold the fruits of the meme. Some of these are just too plausible:


I think I have that album.

From Brent Reidy, a musicology grad student here who’s started a blog with the excellent name musikwissenbloggenschaft, a Mr. Show parody of Amadeus. (I never liked that movie.) Brent is in my sound and performance studies seminar and has been tearing it up with posts on performance, presence, electroacoustic music, etc. Well worth checking out.

And Mark Connor has noticed that the recent reconstruction of J.S. Bach’s face makes him look like Hank Hill’s Dad.

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3 Responses to This n that

  1. Mark says:

    Kick out the jams, “Brothers and sisters”!
    Here’s my album cover

  2. brent reidy says:

    no one is ever too busy to watch the MC5.
    thanks for the shout out. however, you wrote:
    “[he] has been tearing it up”
    when you really meant to say
    “[he] has been tearin’ it up”
    and–it’s probably tasteless to give myself a self-shout-out in a post which already contains a shout-out, but i made some album covers from the meme you linked. you can find them here:

  3. Joshua Bradshaw says:

    This works too well…
    Lost And Safe, “To Make Me Happy”
    (My poor OSX lacks photoshop at the moment)

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