Happy Birthday, Helen

Phil Ford

It's my wife's 40th birthday today. Make some noise!

Our first date was me taking her out for her birthday at an indifferent Greek restaurant in the Minneapolis Uptown neighborhood, fourteen years ago, so I'm kind of celebrating that, too.

Helen is the best person I've ever met. Even now, I can't quite wrap my mind around my good fortune, that such a woman would have even gone on that first date, let alone married me. Somehow, "happy birthday" doesn't quite seem to be enough, but it'll have to do. So: happy birthday, love.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Helen

  1. eba says:

    How about: “You’re so copshow, honey.”

  2. heather says:

    It’s true! Helen is a wonderful person! Happy birthday Helen!

  3. AnthonySuter says:

    Yes, a very happy birthday to Helen– who in addition to being a warm, wonderful person is also a fantastic cellist!
    We miss you guys in Austin & hope everything is going well. Just got linked over to the blog and appreciate your beautiful writing.
    Best wishes!

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