Sexy Holidays To You!

Phil Ford

This semester is OVAH! I’m sick unto death of music, musicology, and related matters, so I’m not planning on posting anything for a while. In the meantime, a few things:

1. Alex Ross linked to my post on tacky classical album covers and we got a bajillion hits. It’s trashy, dashy, and gets the cashy, so here’s a few more. Westminster gold, baby!

More cheesecake:


And one for the ladies:


One of our commenters pointed out this potent metaphor of fate:


And one more, sent in by Kyra Davies. This is not a Westminster Gold cover. It’s far too strange for Westminster Gold. In fact, looks more like outsider art:


Someone call MOBA.

2. I changed the Dial M email address, because some #%*^#**%#@ has been spoofing our old one and using it to send spam. But I only keep a special Dial M email account because Typepad insists that I publish some email address, and I don’t want the spambots to find my university email. So I almost never check the email account that pops up when you hit the “email me” link. If you send me something and I don’t answer, that’s why. If you want to send Jonathan or me a message, just look up our institutional emails on our department website profiles. Here’s Jonathan. Here’s me.

3. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Dusty Towne Sexy Holiday Special.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Please, Phil. Couldn’t you at least have contacted my agent for some publicity stills?

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