In the money!

Phil Ford

I just came back from the big news conference at which it was announced that the Lilly Endowment has just given the Jacobs School of Music (where I work) 44 million dollars. This will allow IU to replace the decrepit, dog-eared, faded, dingy Music Annex, a.k.a. the round building, with an entirely new building. There's not too much to say in favor of the old round building, which was mostly windowless and somehow managed to be both cavernous and cramped at the same time. I'm going to miss the smell, though. Somehow the old round building smell has persisted throughout all the many years since I first came here as a freshman piano major. It's a pleasant smell. My son asked what it was the first time he walked into Clouse's lounge. That, my lad, is the smell of my youth. 

Those of you who wish to cultivate some preemptive nostalgia may take the virtual tour:

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2 Responses to In the money!

  1. squashed says:

    Why is it nearly all college building inside have to look like a cross between mental hospital and medieval labyrinth if not correctional institution or russian submarine …
    I think it’s galactic conspiracy.

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Whenever I’ve been there (last time several years ago for the Papakhian/Stancu Music Cataloging workshop) I’ve found that building confusing as hell.

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