Memewatch: The Uncooling

Phil Ford

A while ago I did a thing with the “I’m in ur [location,] [verb]ing your [noun]” meme, and managed to solicit some good musicological things in the style. Matthew Guerrieri pointed out that this meme is close to its sell-by date, and although I was wrong in predicting that prime-time television would be the instrument of uncooling, I nevertheless have the pleasure of declaring this meme officially over. Mr. Onstad, if you please.

Those of you who read Achewood regularly know that Ray (the one in the glasses) is all about cool, but his timing is always just about five minutes off. And when Beef (the depressed one) is moved to comment on a cultural trend, he is never wrong. I’m sorry, meme, you gave us all a laugh, but you’re done. Go talk to Jay Leno’s booking agent now.
Beef loves classical music, by the way. What with all the nerf humanism* of Robertson Davies being bandied about lately,** I feel the need to cover the screen with inventive neologistical obscenities. You don’t read stuff like this on the AML-List.

*”nerf humanism” is an highly stealable term I heard Joshua Clover apply to Tracy Chapman, and I’m stealing it

**yes, I don’t much like Robertson Davies either. I’m a bad, bad man. Actually, I used to love Robertson Davies, but I get Coen Brothers Syndrome with him: every time I re-read a novel of his I wonder why I liked it so much.

***UPDATE*** It just gets uncooler.

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