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Phil Ford

Re. my earlier post, Tim Rutherford-Johnson has stepped up. My favorite:
And commenter drabauer points me to some music theory lolz. This had to happen:
This page is part of a much larger cache of cultural theory jokes (go here and keep hitting “previous entries”). Students from my 20th century music class, take notice:


From Matthew at Soho the Dog:
From Kip W.:
***UPDATE 2***
Apparently this is not the first call for musical lolz.
***UPDATE 3***
From Ryan at Amusicology:
From now on “the new musicology” will be known as “teh n00b musicology.” Why didn’t I think of that?
OK, one more nonmusical one:

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  1. Kip W says:

    I’ve risen to the challenge of wasting time that would otherwise have been wasted. Here:

  2. john clare says:

    And what about your towers?

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