im in ur Peter Grimes sinking ur boat

Phil Ford

By way of Julian Sanchez, a motherload of philosophy crossbred with internet gamer 1337-speak. Like . . .

(For those unfamiliar with the “Im in ur [location], [verb]ing ur [noun]” construction, a guide for the perplexed.)

Another good one. And one for my Dad.

Literature and art offer many possibilities . .



And other bits of gamer-speak seem destined to interpret certain historical events:

(Note: explanation here.)

Yes, I am twelve years old.

My point is, musicologists need to come up with some of these. Once again, musicology finds itself playing catch-up with other academic disciplines. Consider yourself challenged.
And finally, a Brundlefly mash-up of my mixed-drink post with this one.

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6 Responses to im in ur Peter Grimes sinking ur boat

  1. drabauer says:

    Ah, but we’re already in yr muzicologie, singin yr toons

  2. Matthew says:

    Here’s another:
    It probably should be “I can haz,” shouldn’t it? Well, I like parallel fifths, too.

  3. Teh Noob Musicology: ut-re-mi-fa/ut

    Ryan responds to Phil Ford’s request for musicological lolz…

  4. Elizabeth Upton says:

    The loltaruskin macro should properly read: “I can has 6 volumes?” This stuff actually has a grammar. See
    Have you seen the walrus photo that is the origin for the “I has a bucket” locution? It’s priceless!

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