Let the Power Fall

Phil Ford

Re. Jonathan’s post: you can do better than Ygnwei Malmstein. Here is Robert Fripp demonstrating “Frippertronics” in 1979:


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7 Responses to Let the Power Fall

  1. Jonathan says:

    Ahhh!? To me, Fripp sounds distant, mechanical, and without phrasing. I went hunting for some Satriani on youtube, and that was better. Still not sure that, for sheer musicianship, I’d disagree with my guitar guru that Jeff Beck is the guy.

  2. Phil Ford says:

    WTF? You deaf? Mechanical? What, cuz he’s playing with a tape recorder? And what’s this BS about no phrasing? They’re long phrases! Satriani? Make me laugh . . . (walks off grumbling)

  3. ben wolfson says:

    This isn’t really a great example of the frippertronics thing, since it looks as if he’s already got a prerecorded loop and is soloing over it—the great thing about _Let the Power Fall_ and the Kitchen tapes is hearing the loops get built up note by note.

  4. Phil Ford says:

    True — though what he usually did on those records was to build the loops up bit by bit and then, once he had a stable repeating loop structure, he would start soloing. So this clip shows what would happen at the end — not unrepresentative of Frippertronics, but certainly a readers-digest version. I’ve never seen video of him actually building the loops. Do you know if such a thing exists? Alas, I was too young and lived too far on ther periphery to see Fripp do this stuff live.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Sorry; let me clarify.
    This. Is. DULL. Particularly the stuff with c. 1:25 left, ff. New Age ambient twittering.

  6. ben wolfson says:

    Phil, hey, I wasn’t even alive when he was doing this stuff. I would be extremely surprised if there were any video of the whole process being undertaken.

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