Really, you needn’t

Phil Ford

A new way of playing Thelonious Monk.

About Phil Ford

Chairman of the Committee for the Memorial to the Victims of Modernism
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4 Responses to Really, you needn’t

  1. Kip W says:

    Okay, an obvious put-on, but it makes an important musicalological point.
    Jazz – Rhythm – Piquant Harmonies = New Age
    (Extra cred: What word up there did I get from Professor Pete?)

  2. Jonathan says:

    A more universal principle:
    Any Music – any essential characteristic(s) whatever = New Age
    When I was doing my doctorate in the late 1980s, I would try to explain why I loathed New Age so much, and would illustrate by sitting down at the piano and imitating it. My point was that if I could do a credible job in almost total ignorance of the style and in a spirit of mocking and satire, then the style surely did not amount to much. Most listeners, to my consternation, really dug it.
    This is the stuff of political satire.

  3. Sara says:

    It’s the accent that got me. This guy isn’t Austrian. A quick Google search identified him as “Larry Goldings in a blond wig.”

  4. John says:

    Sounds like Keith Jarrett!!

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