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A couple of Dial M news items:
1. Achewood has its own newly-invented slang term for “awesome”: James Bond in a towel. Not as good as cop show, I respectfully submit, but very fine all the same. Chris Onstad is the master of invented parallel-world slang.
2. Apparently, Dial M has been nominated for a Koufax award. This is totally cop show, insofar as I understand what it is. I think Dial M readers will have an opportunity to vote for us in a little bit, so gear up, readers. Now that I know there is such a thing as the Koufax awards, I am filled with new, strange desires. Thanks to whoever it was who nominated us.

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  1. Edmundston Alston says:

    1. In my house we say “Jesus on toast”, which has the same general meaning but with a hint of derision.
    2. Congrats on the Koufax nomination.

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