Tales of the Uncool Middle-Aged Dad

Richard Wattenbarger

Over the weekend, my 14-year-old attended a retreat.  She inadverdently took one of our three household mobile phones, the one she and her 13-year-old sister share.  Consequently, we were left with two household phones for the weekend.  As many parents of adolescents will tell you, this is the sort of thing that can provoke a crisis of unimaginable proportions.

On Saturday, my 13-year-old, Maddie, went to watch some friends compete in a swim meet.  We don’t like to drop off our kids at such an event without a way for us to get in touch with them (and vice versa), so Maddie took my phone.  This led to the following exchange:

MADDIE: Daddy, can I change the ring tone?


Maddie cringed.  Is it perhaps because I have the world’s geekiest ring tone?

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7 Responses to Tales of the Uncool Middle-Aged Dad

  1. Phil Ford says:

    Yes. Yes it is.
    OK, I’ll bite, what is it? And did you make this ringtone yourself?

  2. Richard says:

    The ringtone is from “Vergangenes,” the second of Schoenberg’s Five Pieces for Orchestra. And, yes, in a fit of geekiness I did make this ringtone myself (thanks to Sibelius 4.1).

  3. Phil Ford says:

    Wow. Man, that’s so hard core.

  4. I love this ringtone, of course. If this is geekdom, I’ll clearly sign up as one.

  5. Elizabeth Upton says:

    Geeks rule! I have been much happier since accepting my essential nature and coming out publicly as a geek!
    who doesn’t read this blog as frequently as she should, sorry!

  6. eba says:

    It’s not ‘hard core,’ Phil. It’s all like totally cop show.

  7. Squashed says:

    That sounds like Aphex Twin having a really boring day and wants to inflict share the damage to everybody around him.

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