Season’s Greetings!

A short post for the Season — the Season, of course, being that time when professors and students are running around trying to finish courses, grading, overdue assignments, long-forgotten letters of recommendation, etc., so they can get away from one another for a few weeks. The students are sick of their professors, and the professors are sick of their students.

There are two opposing schools of thought to mention in this context:


I’m visiting family for a few weeks and might pop in now and then, but, basically, see ya in the new year. In the meantime, enjoy the Dusty Towne Sexy Holiday Special, from SCTV’s 1981 Christmas show.

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2 Responses to Season’s Greetings!

  1. Mitch says:

    Memories… you found that classic! Now, you need to add SCTV’s beautiful tribute to “Gimmie Shelter” with “Gimmie Jackie”

  2. Les says:

    That writer sucks.
    I eat in class because my classes are long and intense and I start to get sleepy about half way through. If I pull out a few snacks and eat them and have some water, I can continue paying attention. Or I can walk around for a bit to wake up (tends to be distracting to other students). Or, I could fall asleep. I think eating some trail mix is less disrespectful than snoozing.
    Ok, it’s true that some students have a strong sense of entitlement which can be very annoying. It can be helpful to avoid the ivy league and other bastions of wealth and privilege to get some perspective on it. Because this author’s students might be spending all day playing video games, but a high number of students need to work. Tuition and cost of living are insanely high. Students graduate with a mountain of debt. Yeah, they want to be able to get the good job right out of college, how else are they supposed to pay off the $50k they owe in loan (and credit card) debt? Many students don’t have the luxury to be fascinated with Marxism. They need to get their degree as fast as possible and then get the best paying job they can.

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