One of the names that came up in yesterday’s post was Sonny Sharrock, an electric guitarist best known for playing punk free jazz (punk-free jazz? free punk jazz? metal jazz? jazzy free metal punk? it’s loud, anyway) who I first heard thanks to the molto bizarro Cartoon Network show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. I always liked the fact that a guy who played noise music with Ronald Shannon Jackson had a gig — any gig — on TV. This was one of the things to love about SG:CTC. When Sharrock died, they did a show with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth where Moore never actually got around to his interview: the show was just a bunch of set-ups so they could play Sharrock’s music. It’s a kind of joke: how often do you ever hear a whole musical number on TV? What would happen if you wanted to play a whole piece in a talk show? Space Ghost would just have to sit there, slowly filling the screen.

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  1. Scraps says:

    That episode made me laugh and so sad at the same time. It was a great tribute.

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