Somewhat awesome

Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers. I’m off for a few days, but in the interim enjoy this little piece of awesomeness, which I can justify putting on a musicology blog because it contains a bunch of French hiphop. And this might cause us to reflect on how hiphop has become a kind of worldwide youth lingua franca in a way no other popular music style ever has, and perhaps to note how French hiphop is interesting in the way it finds ways of adapting the phonetic characteristics of one language (French) to a rhythmic idiom originally intended for a very different-sounding language (English). But really, I just wanted to put this clip up because I like seeing anyone doing anything at a high pitch of awesomeness.

This is called parkour, and it’s a French martial art (w/o/ the fighting) that’s apparently featured in the new Bond movie Casino Royale.

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  1. Greg says:

    See also: the documentaries “Jump London” and “Jump Britain,” and the very beginning of Madonna’s “Hung Up” video.

  2. eba says:

    Or maybe skateboarding without the board.

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