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Phil Ford

Some miscellaneous things:
1. Someone else is blogging the Ring! Go look at Caviar for the General>
2. We’re getting some comment spam. Makes me mad. We’re probably going to make everyone who wants to post a comment use the Typekey authentication service soon. This shouldn’t be a big deal.
3. Totally unrelated to music, but I thought it was funny. My Mom lives way out in the country, and there’s a local character who is basically a second-hand horse dealer. He’s also a notable drunk, and is lucky enough to own a horse that he rides into town, and, when he’s gotten plastered, will ride him home without guidance. (Let’s see your GPS do that.) Anyway, there’s not a lot of police presence in this part of Ontario, but one day a passing cop saw the horse carrying its obviously drunk master home and pulled them over. And cited the guy for drinking and horseriding. Which is illegal, I guess.

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