Brava La Cieca

Phil Ford

One of the very greatest pleasures afforded by teh internets is the Parterre Box by La Cieca (see the music links over there <—–). La Cieca commands a profound knowledge of opera, opera singers, and opera lore, an apparently bottomless cabinet of operatic curiosities, and — maybe the most important part — a cruel sense of humor.

Anyway, this post demonstrates a couple of La Cieca’s many virtues: crazy obscure clips and a vicious inspired throwaway line (“the diva’s modish “Yma Sumac meets Female Trouble” maquillage”), in response to this image of Birgit Nilsson:



Also in the same post, dig the guy yelling “Brava Maria Callas” at the beginning of Renata Scotto’s aria. Whoa. Tough room.

I love that Turandot stage set. I want to live there.

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