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Wednesday weird link: Charlotte Moorman’s answering machine messages (via the incredible UBUWEB).

Moorman was a cellist who worked in the American postwar avant-garde — she was the famous “topless cellist” who was busted for indecent exposure in 1967 when she played Nam June Paik’s Opéra sextronique in a state of undress. Writes Severine Neff in the Grove Dictionary entry on Moorman, “In such works as Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece Moorman performed showing her mastectomy scars; on other occasions she played her cello under
water, in a gondola or wrapped only in cellophane.” Sadly, Moorman died in 1991 of breast cancer.

She was a University of Texas grad, oddly enough.

When you’re done with her answering machine, check out the other Moorman-related goodies at UBUWEB.

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